Testing & Quality Assurance

Defects in developed software is an unfortunate reality. While the majority of defects are introduced early in the development cycle, most are not discovered until just prior to release or even when the software is in production. If software applications are the heartbeat of today’s business operations, then application failure or inconsistent behavior from a software defect presents a major business risk.We know that early defect detection eliminates waste and drives down development costs. We bridge the gap where between developer and business user where problems usually arise by remaining involved in each step of development. What’s this mean? Through MerdianSoft’s Testing and Quality Assurance Services, errors are detected earlier in the process, meaning fewer defects, higher quality, lower cost and above all, reduced risk that a software defect will cause a major system outage.

Through comprehensive application life cycle consult ion, business impact analysis, and full-quality management processes, our customers systems achieve the functionality, reliability, availability, performance, security, and quality that their businesses require.

Testing and Quality Assurance Services

  • End-to-End Testing Services
  • Requirements validation
  • Functional testing
  • Functional modeling
  • Performance testing
  • Performance modeling
  • Application security assurance
  • Test automation
  • Managed Testing Services
  • Testing centers of excellence
  • Specialized testing services
  • ERP, SOA, games, multimedia, mobile devices, embedded systems, etc