Staff Augmentation

We understand the challenges that come with ensuring the IT side of your business is managed effectively and continually. That’s why we offer Staff Augmentation Services. Need to “gear up” for an upcoming project that requires a specialized skill set? We can help.

Our service provides skilled personnel ready to come on board with your team to help you developed, maintain, manage and support your applications. Our skilled professionals can help you manage fluctuating skill needs and patch skill gaps to meet your aggressive project timelines.

Our staff augmentation program can give you a hand with:

  • Lead programming languages such as Java, .Net family of languages, Web programming, etc.
  • ERP applications (SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle Apps, ect.)
  • Packaged applications
  • Legacy languages
  • Middleware and groupware
  • SOA and Enterprise Integration
  • Major operating systems
  • Web technologies
  • Testing tools and services
  • Maintaing business intelligence