Secure Remote Infrastructure Management

In the technology world, there’s nothing worse for both companies and customers than a system outage. At MeridianSoft, we have studied what causes these outages and have developed remote infrastructure management Services that not only ensure that your business is never negatively affected by a system outage but also optimize your operations processes.

We offer Remote Infrastructure Management Services that work to integrate infrastructure and application support into the “run” side of business, allowing our customers the highest level of application effectiveness and efficiency. We create application knowledge clusters and initiate cross-training to ensure that operations knowledge is institutionalized and remains independent of the parties supporting it.
This fully-realized, integrated model of application and infrastructure operations works to meet our customers’ needs for both integrated service and 24/7 real-time application monitoring.

What’s great about our model:

  • Optimized cost and manpower through integration of infrastructure and application operations
  • Maintain operational excellence through response time SLAs for business applications
  • Significant First Call Resolution (FCR) improvement because of our integrated service desk (application & infrastructure support teams integrated with Helpdesk.)

Our Advantages include:

  • Better service-to-end user experience through our user-centric approach
  • Real-Time Operations management
  • Proactive performance management
  • Reduced operations cost
  • Prompt resolutions to operational issues
  • Speedy identification of potential issues through tooling

Our remote infrastructure management service offerings include:

  • Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Applications Monitoring
  • End User Transaction Monitoring
  • Log Monitoring
  • Session Monitoring
  • Process Monitoring
  • Usage Patterns
  • Incident Management
  • Alert Handling
  • Ticket Assignment
  • Ticket Triaging
  • Escalation
  • Administration
  • Patch Management
  • Archival/Backup, etc.
  • Data fixes/transfer
  • Production Support
  • Application deployments

If you are experiencing fragmented application support, increased outages due to configuration and release management issues, 24/7 application management issues or increasing support costs, contact us now for a tailor-crafted solution.