Core Values

Power Through Partnership

We pride ourselves on being a company that focuses on collaboration above all else. We know that power comes through partnership, and we’ll partner with you to help you gain a foothold in the marketplace through effective IT solutions.

Technical Excellence

One of the realities of technology is that it does not stand still, it’s always changing. At MeridianSoft we place emphasis on the importance of continuous learning. Technology isn’t going to slow down and neither are we, we’ll be right there on the forefront of emerging technology.


At MeridianSoft, we display integrity in everything we do, from carefully and securely handling private information to maintaining the highest possible level of intellectual honesty.

Results Oriented

We know the importance of running a successful business and that’s why at MeridianSoft, we provide the best technology available to help you and your clients make crucial decisions that will positively impact your bottom line. We don’t measure success in terms of work that we’ve completed, we measure success by the positive impact our work has for our clients. Working together throughout the entire process, MerdianSoft helps clients compete and succeed in the marketplace.


When you’re doing business with MeridianSoft, you can hold us accountable. From the beginning to the end of projects, we work ceaselessly to honor what we’ve committed to our clients.


We’ll work with you, we promise. Whether that means utilizing a local or offshore delivery model or altering our cost model, we’re flexible, meaning that you’ll get the results you need without worrying about our end of the deal.