Global Delivery Model

MeridianSoft: We’re global

Our global delivery model allows us to complete your project quickly, reducing risk and cutting costs. In this unique model, project responsibilities are shared between an onsite project team and an offshore development team. What’s in it for you? This model allows us to focus on your individual project. Our full-fledged IT infrastructure provides flexibility, security, and scalability specifically crafted to your needs.

Tasks completed onsite:

  • Comprehension client needs
  • Planning and project development
  • Communication between client and offshore development centers
  • Dispersion tasks among available resources
  • Execution projects at client’s pace
  • Full-fledged product testing in tandem with client’s team
  • Providing required support for project maintenance

Tasks completed offshore:

  • Continuation of the design developed by onsite team
  • Comprehension each project’s specific technological requirements
  • Development
  • Conducting a battery of tests before project is delivered back to onsite team
  • Continuous technical support

What this means to our clients:

MeridianSoft’s global delivery model means that we’re able to offer: round the clock productivity, shorter lead times, reduced operation costs, and quicker turn-around.